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Gold Pomade and Hairspray For the Holidays

What We're Sweet On: Putting on the Glitz

What smells like grapefruit, holds everything in place, and sparkles like gold? Alterna's limited edition Glitterati hair products, dressed-up versions of their finishing spray and pomade packed with flecks of gilt shimmer. The most subtle product in the collection, Sparkling Champagne finishing spray ($20) is full of soft white gold and adds a little shine and minimal hold without being stiff or noticeable on blonde or brown hair. It smells like grapefruit and coconut, and it's a wonder at smoothing down light frizz or keeping fine hair in place without flattening it.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the heavy hitter: Spun Gold pomade ($20). This stuff is full of old-gold sparkle, and it's extremely noticeable in dark hair (less so in blonde or titian shades). It's also a heavy-hold formula, so if you've got flyaways or dry, thick hair, this is your best choice for keeping everything in place.

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