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Gwyneth Paltrow Updo Tutorial

Get Gwyneth's Elegant Updo on Her 40th Birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to high fashion, and her hairstyles are always a sleek match. We teamed up with her stylist, Giannandrea, who showed us the unbelievably easy bun he created for her Met Gala appearance. It's the epitome of effortless-looking elegance — and a style that's practically synonymous with chic.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's sleek bun is the perfect night out look. So today we're here with her stylist, Gianna Andrea, to show us how to get the look at home. Gi, thanks so much for being here with us today. Let's talk about Gwyneth's look. How did you prep her hair for this bun? Well, I'd say I started with very clean hair. Just wash and blow dry straight. So the first step is really to get a perfect middle part. Good tip in order to get a straight down the line is use the tip of your nose and kind of measure it this way. About two inches wide section. Flare, I don't, all the way through, very smooth. So you see the shine come through, you see? Just like that. 'Cause when the hair goes into the bun, it's got to retain the shine. The next step a little bit of Carol Styzol, which is amazing, it really makes the hair sparkle. Just a little bit of it, and then you friction your hands a little bit just to activate. And that warms it up? It warms it up. And then you're gonna see it immediately. Can you see right now, how shine and clean it is, that's how you want the hair to it. The best action is to brush it down this way, if you do it on your own, of course, and then gather the hair especially around the ears is very important. Next step, a clear elastic band the hair is slick, beautiful, in the right shape. Don't move too much. Stay very straight and just gather all the hair perfectly at the nape right there. And you want to make sure that the ponytail is tight because it's the base for the bun, right? Nice and tight... Yes! Next we're gonna use the hairspray to smooth away the fly-aways. So we'll start from the side. Around the ears especially you want it very clean. So now my hairs in the ponytail and Gee is going to make the bun. So Gee take it away. This may take a few tries, but here's what you do! Start twisting the ponytail all the way down and create the good tension once you have the tension just roll it Up close to the head. Go around once, hold it, close. Come around once again and just leave the hands out. Just like that. Always use straight pins and usually match the same color of the hair, so blonde, gold. You can also use the pins to kind of polish up a little bit around there. And just go straight in so you capture the bun and the pleasure. How does it feel? It feels good. You wanna see? Yeah. Ohh, I like it. I can see the little ends hanging out. On the side you can. Yes it's awesome, so to emulate one at home, you want to have a lot of tension in your ponytail. Yes. You 'll have a good oil. Just a little bit, though. Just a little, very little. Probably have some hairspray on hand. And you wanna have a good comb so you can get a good middle part. You can easily. Yes, it's tail comb, G7. Tail. Tail comb. Yes. What's it like working with Gwyneth? Wow. Working with Gwyneth is amazing. she's very inspiring to me. And I just want to make subtle differences. Always sleek, chic, and elegant. And this one she was actually quite happy about it. What did she think about it when she first saw it? Well, at first she was, she looked at herself, she goes, "Oh, my god. It's a little too tight." And then she turned around and she saw the little the proportion. The roundness, the sleekness, the shininess, and she fell in love with it. Thanks for watching Celebrity Secret Weapon and be sure to let us know what celebrity looks you want to see recreated. I'm Kirby. Thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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