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HSN's True Blood Beauty Line, Forsaken

Sink Your Teeth Into HSN's New True Blood Beauty Line

If you're a True Blood fan, here's something you'll want to sink your teeth into. The venerated HBO series has inspired a line of nail polishes, a lipstick, and more. The nail polishes come to you via manicure maven Deborah Lippmann, and the entire collection has just premiered on HSN. See the vampire-themed lineup — fragrances and all — up close in our video now. Some might say it's bloody good.

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Hi, I'm Allie Merriam. Welcome to PopSugar TV. We're joined BellaSugar editor, Jessica Cruel. Thank you for coming. She has the inside scoop on a new beauty collection inspired by the HBO show, True Blood. Jessica, can you tell me a little bit about the collection? Yes, the collection is called Forsaken, and HBO collaborated with some big beauty names like Deborah Lippman. Deborah Lippman is actually the manicurist to the stars. She's done Mary J Blige, she's done Sarah Jessica Parker, and it's a real honor to have her do six poshes for their beauty collection. I see that some of the colors are pretty dark, so it might be hard for someone to wear it as the office or during the day. So who do you really see wearing these pieces? Well, I'm wearing actually Let it Bleed now, this color. And, it's the darkest of all the colors. So if you are really daring, you can go for Let it Bleed. But otherwise there are some lighter colors as well. Deborah Lippmann designed a lighter taupe color called Fairy Dust and that's in honor of women like Sookie Stackhouse who has like a sunny disposition and really love to be loud and friendly, but neutral. Now does that hold true for both the nail polish and the lipstick? Well, no. There's this the only lip color in the line, but it's important that everyone know that this is the first lipstick that Deborah Lippman has ever done. So it matches the Let it Bleed color, and it's called Bite Me. Very appropriate for a vampire show. Let's see how this looks. Yes, it's a dark maroon but it also has some plum kind of deep purple hues in it. Yeah. And if you're wearing it in the daytime you could probably wear it with a shimmer eye shadow in a really light champagne color and leave your blush blank and let the lip really shine. Yeah. But if you try and wear it for nights, I would definitely recommend you pump it up with maybe a smoky eye. It will really be something that Tara or Pam from the show would wear. Now another part of the collection is the fragrance. Yes. Can you tell me a little bit about what this fragrance is and the connection it has to vampires? So this actually smells really warm, and it actually is for the night owl out there. Yeah. It has notes of amber as well as Queen of the Night Jasmine, and there's a little bit of pear in there as well. I love how the bottle also has these little vampire blood droplets. This really reminds you of the topic of the show. Yes, vampire tears, that's actually what it reminds me a lot of. Yeah, and the old English script that harkens to the vampire days of yore. Exactly. And if you love the scent you'll really love the nail polishes because every nail polish actually has a scent in it. So once it dries it smells like the scent Forsaken. And if you're even more of a True Blood fan than that you'll love this, the line also carries a body cream and home fragrances in a diffuser and a candle. Wow. It's not everyday that you get a fragrance in your nail polish. Two for one deal. Two for one. Yeah . Now, for True Blood fans, where and when can they get their hands on Forsaken? Well, you can pick it up on HSN on August 9th, but if you want to wait, it'll also be available in other retailers by the end of the year. I foresee many True Blood fans doing their nails while watching the show on Sunday nights. Yeah. Well, thanks so much Jessica. I'm Allie Merriam. Thanks for watching PopSugar TV.

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Christine3116700 Christine3116700 3 years
I love the True Blood Fragrance.  It isn't too sweet, spicy, it isn't too much.  I got a compliment in Macy's elevator yesterday.  She asked where she could go get it.  I said not here and giggled.  the bottle is GORGEOUS!
Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
 @Anna Monette Roberts DL is probably my favorite nail polish line too! 
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 3 years
I love Deborah Lippmann nail polishes! The fact that this collection is scented...that's very intriguing!
Go2Girl Go2Girl 3 years
 @Annie Tomlin Me too, trying to get into it but I find characters, especially, Sookie so predictable in her actions. I can never get enough of Pam though.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 3 years
 @Go2Girl Zing! Are you liking this season? I'm on the fence.
Nneka-Enurah Nneka-Enurah 3 years
what a cute video! I'm addicted to trueblood so i'm interested to try some of these colors out. the fragrance sounds great too.
Go2Girl Go2Girl 3 years
These are fangtastic!
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