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100+ Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Fix All of Your Winter Beauty Woes

Feb 26 2016 - 10:00am

The best way to welcome Winter as a beauty girl is to update your routine. While curling up with hot cocoa and a heating blanket is an ideal way to skip out on the freezing temperature, some of us still have to venture out into the elements. Dry skin and static-ridden strands are just a few of the issues caused by the skin-numbing air, but you can kick the arctic weather in the pants with these Winter beauty tips. Thunder, snow, and frigid windchills may ruin your day, but your hair and skin will be safe.

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Get Rid of Flakes

Everyone's hair gets a little flaky in the Winter, but could it be something more serious [2] than dandruff that's causing your dryness?

Moisturize From Head to Toe

It's not just your legs that need moisturizing in the Winter! We've rounded up the best hydrating products [3] to keep you feeling supple from your hair to your heels.

Give Your Lips Some Luxury

As much as we love our drugstore balms, sometimes a luxury lip treatment [4] is just what you need to get through the chill.

Keep Your Hands Hydrated

These gorgeous hand creams [5] are as pretty as they are hydrating, so we'll be taking them everywhere we go this Winter.

Soothe Chapped Cheeks

Sometimes that cold-weather flush goes a little too far, but with these two tricks [6], you can tend to aggravated skin in seconds.

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Ace Winter Hair

Stop hiding under that cap! These expert hair tips [8] will have you sporting some of your best styles of the year.

Stock Up on Essentials

Buying cold-weather essentials doesn't have to break the bank. Get through January to March with extra cash to spare thanks to these budget-friendly buys under $10 [9].

Fight Hair Fuzz

Frizz an issue for you come January? From hair oil to dryer sheets, here are four products you need [10] to keep the fuzz at bay.

Put a Hat on It

Think hat hair is a bad thing? Just look to these street style stars for inspiration for how to style your locks with a chapeau [11].

Care For Your Nails

Split and peeling nails are common this season, but the cure for cracked cuticles is a lot of moisture [12].

Nail Treatments

It's that time of the year when your nails are begging for some attention; remedy hangnails, peeling, and chipped tips [13] with a much-needed treatment.

Buh-Bye to Hair Static

Stepping outside into the whipping winds can cause static. Try these tricks (like picking a new brush) to avoid the finger-stuck-in-socket hairstyle [14].

Foot Rx

If you've been hiding your feet in your favorite snow boots, your tootsies deserve a revival. Find out what ingredients will soothe cracked heels [15].

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Spa-tacular Treatments

Treat yourself to a day at the spa, but make sure you stay away from the harsher treatments that could irritate seasonally sensitive skin [17].

Protect Your Hair

Solve all your cold-weather hair woes [18] with a highly moisturizing (and protective) regimen.

Cream of the Crop

Whether you like heavy butters or light creams, there is a Winter moisturizer [19] to fit your needs.

Helping Hand

Not even gloves can protect your hands from getting chapped this time of year. But you can infuse added moisture into your digits [20] if you follow these simple rules.

Slough Love

Should you exfoliate in Winter [21]? The answer is a resounding — yes!

Yes to SPF

Just because the temperature has dropped and the sun is hidden, there are plenty of reasons why you still need to use sunscreen. [22]

Source: Flickr user Schnubble [23]

Fake a Winter Glow

Pale, dull, sallow — all words to describe your complexion. Bring back the glow and fake dewy skin [24] with the help of makeup, of course.

Healthy Curls

There's nothing worse than going out with a head of wet curls. Find out how to dry your hair faster [25] this season (and maybe ward off the flu, too).

Moisture Surge

It's true: your hot shower is actually drying out your skin, but it's easy to rehydrate your body, hair and skin [26] while you steam it up.

Revise Your Skin Routine

A change in temperatures also means it's time for a few subtle adjustments in your skin care routine [27] to combat dry Winter air.

Source: Flickr user Haylee Marie [28]

Remedy Your Chapped Lips

Don't get caught with cracked, chapped lips again. Discover what is causing your dried-out lips [29] and nip it in the bud.

Source: Flickr user Valokuvaaja Joonas Tikkanen [30]

Refresh Your Hair

Hats are a cold-weather fashion staple, but they can ruin your style. Learn how to revive your hair after removing your headwear [31].

Source: Flickr user Mitya Kuznetsov [32]

Deep Condition

Are you continually skipping the deep conditioning step of your hair regimen [33]? Winter is the perfect time of year to improve your hydrating game.

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