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Have You Ever Had to Blow-Dry Your Hair at the Salon?

There was a salon near a former apartment of mine that carried this particular brand of shampoo I liked, so every few months I'd pop in to restock. While the salon had a modern appeal and the stylists seemed up on the latest trends, I couldn't get past the fact that they had a special blow-dryer room for those who didn't want to pay the extra fee to have their hair dryed and styled. Say what?

First off, I'm always turned off when a salon doesn't include the price of a blow-dry in the cost of service. Isn't that the perfect way for a stylist to showcase her work? Plus, I've always found the best cosmetologists to be the ones who offer product and styling tips as they're styling the hair. Have you ever had to blow-dry and style your own hair at the salon — or wouldn't you even step foot in this type of establishment by principle?

Source: Flickr User *Zara

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