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Heart Art: A Gallery of Heart-Shaped Tattoos

Feb 4 2011 - 5:00am

People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons and to express all kinds of emotions, particularly love. And since hearts are the traditional symbol of love, and Valentine's day is fast approaching, let's talk heart-shaped tattoos. Want to see some lovely ink? Then check out a few impressive heart-shaped designs now.

Source: Flickr User Diamond Farah [1]

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

The owner of this series of vivid tattoos created the design herself. It features (in her words), a "cupcake, cloud, hearts, stars, ring pops, suckers, ribbons, a sun, rainbow, and explosions of color."

Source: Flickr User Lorena Cupcake [2]

Día de los Muertos

Many Día de los Muertos-style tattoos feature a heart within the intricate shapes of the design. Can you spot at least two of them in this impressive work of art?

Source: Flickr User NancyCoup [3]

Sacred Heart

This classic Sacred Heart-esque style tat features flames, a more lifelike depiction of a heart, and a sword in lieu of traditional thorns.

Source: Flickr User John Pastorello [4]

I < 3 U

The owner of this ink (which was obviously still healing when this photo was snapped) used the Gill Sans font to create this fun emoticon design.

Source: Flickr User skampy [5]

Time, Truth, Hearts

Have you ever heard the song, "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers? If so, you might recognize the lyrics "time, truth, and hearts" as featured in this tattoo.

Source: Flickr User jessicamelling [6]

Flower Power

Here's a heart within a pretty purple flower, placed where the pistil would normally be.

Source: Flickr User quinn.anya [7]

On Point

Check out this cute red and black tat with coordinating polish, a sweet take on heart-shaped ink.

Source: Flickr User dani 9 to 5 [8]

Heart to Heart

Note how a more realistic-looking version of the heart at the top of this tattoo swirls into a more classic symbol of the heart near the bottom.

Source: Flickr User Invisible Hour [9]

Give It a Whirl

The whirled lines featured in this woman's tattoo are both delicate and whimsical.

Source: Flickr User Diamond Farah [10]

It's All in the Wrist

This tattoo is similarly swirly, but placed in a popular spot: the inner wrist.

Source: Flicker User gcfairch [11]

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