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Is This "Ho Wig" Offensive?

Is This "Ho Wig" Offensive?

The long march to Halloween has begun, because dubious costume wigs are popping up on a ton of shopping sites. While looking in's Halloween section, I was taken aback by this BuySeasons Ho Wig ($20). I don't like the term in general, I had no idea that fluffy black hair and red lipstick were such a crime, and I really never imagined that a marketer could look at a piece of fake hair and think "Hey, that's a wig for somebody who wants to broadcast to everyone that they're a marginalized, dehumanized figure for Halloween. She wants to be dismissed, essentialized, and treated horribly — Ho wig! Women will love it!"

What do you think? Am I overreacting, or was this thing in extremely poor taste?


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