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How-To: A Clean Close Shave

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of a clean, close shave. There's something so elegant and dainty about velvety-soft skin. Below is my five-step guide to getting the closest, most intimate shave you've ever experienced. This is one beauty tip you can share with your honey, too!

To find out the secret behind some of the best body-shaving techniques (for those of you who voted that you do in fact shave,

  • STEP 1: Feel the direction in which your hair grows; that is the direction in which you shave. Choose a razor that has multiple blades, since this will dramatically improve its performance. Also, I recommend changing the blade every five uses so that it retains its sharpness.
  • STEP 2: Splash the area that you are shaving with hot water so that your skin will soften and your pores will open up. That is why shaving in the shower/bath is ideal. Next, use a small amount of shaving cream and lather it up well so that your hair is pulled away from your skin.
  • STEP 3: Again, remember to shave in the direction in which your hair grows. With one hand, pull the skin taut so that it the surface is smoother (this helps prevent cuts). Use the other hand to shave, using light and slow strokes.
  • STEP 4: Don't forget to rinse the razor off after every other stroke to remove hair and excess cream from the razor.
  • STEP 5: When you are finished, rinse with cool water to help close your pores and refresh your skin. Pat dry with a clean towel and then apply your favorite body lotion to the area as a finishing touch. Now that the area is clean and smooth, the lotion will further nourish your skin!


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