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How-To: Fake Short Hair Like Rosario Dawson

Dec 18 2008 - 1:55pm

I can't say enough about the hairstyle (and gorgeous earrings) we saw on Rosario Dawson [1] at the premiere for Seven Pounds [2] in LA. At first glance, it looked like a chopped change from her recent Lucky cover [3] but, once I zoomed in, I realized it was a nip and tuck.This style's a baby step for commitmentphobes who want a cut, but aren't quiiite there yet. The trick to the illusion of short hair: large hair pins. Taking a mix of the classic pins (the ones that are rigidly straight with ridges) and the ones that look more like a bendy "v", tuck sections of your hair starting with the bottom and loosely layer the top until it's all pinned under.

Why jumbo? Find out when you .

Back when I chatted with the stylist who created Molly Sims messy updo [4], he told me that "a girl's necessity is always five long hair pins in the bottom of her purse, just in case." It totally makes sense now – why do with 20 what you can do with five – and, if oversized pins can make me go from long to short without the scissors, then I'm attached to the products below.

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