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Pro Tips on Perfecting Bold Lipstick

Nov 7 2013 - 8:48am

The quickest (and easiest) way to change up your makeup look this season is with a swipe of vivid lip color. Whether you opt for something classic like red or go for something fun like fuchsia or tangerine, we had MAC senior artist Luc Bouchard [1] teach us the tricks to mastering pigmented lip color.

Get the downloadable step-by-step guide here [2]!

Photos by: Caroline Voagen Nelson [3]

Hydrate With Lip Balm

Start off by applying lip balm to hydrate your lips. "It's so much easier to apply lip color when your lips have moisture," Bouchard explains. "The color can just glide on."

Apply a Lip Primer

After you blot off any excess balm, go over your lips with a primer, like MAC Prep + Prime Lip [4] ($16). This will seal in moisture, smooth out your lips, and help make your lipstick last longer.

Look One: Stained Lips

Now that your lips are set, create a stained effect by dabbing the lipstick on your lips with your fingers. This is the perfect way to ease into wearing the bold lip trend.

Stained Lips

The final look adds a flush of color without overwhelming with full-on pigment.

Use a Lip Pencil

If you're ready to go the distance with a bold lip, the next step is to grab your lip liner. This step ensures you have clean definition around your lips, and can also help make your lip color last longer. Choose a pencil close to the lipstick shade, or you can try a darker shade to make the look more intense.

Bouchard recommends starting by lining the Cupid's bow and center of your bottom lip. This will allow you to see what sort of shape you want to go for.

Line Your Lips

Finish lining the rest of your lips with the pencil. Starting from the center will help you create a more symmetrical shape.

Fill in Your Lips

Once your lips are fully lined, go back and paint on your lip color with a lip brush. "You need the precision of a lip brush to blend the liner into the lip color," Bouchard says.

He used Beet Lip Pencil [5] ($15) and Veronica Limited-Edition Lipstick in Daddy's Little Girl [6] ($17). For a similar blue-based pink, try Candy Yum-Yum [7] ($15).

Set With a Tissue

To amp up your lip color's lasting power, grab a tissue. Make sure to pull it apart so you only have one sheet.

Set With a Tissue

Once you have your one-ply tissue, hold it over your lips, and dust translucent powder on with a brush. The tissue will allow just the right amount of powder to get through to set your lip products. Then, go back over and add another layer of lip color.

The Completed Look

The final look is a bold lip that will stay put. Just throw the tube of lipstick in your bag for quick touch ups throughout the day (or night).

Get the downloadable step-by-step guide here [8]!

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