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How to Beauty Detox

How to Beauty Detox on a Sunday

How to Beauty Detox on a Sunday

The moment I get off a plane, train, or bus after a long Summer weekend, the first thing I want to do is scrub my body from head to toe (and if I stayed in a shared house, multiply that desire by 10). Warm-weather getaways are a blast, but the sun dehydrates my hair, lack of sleep gives me raccoon eyes, and draining a bottle of rosé just kills my radiance factor. So the detox before the retox is a must. I developed this relaxing at-home ritual that turns my NYC apartment into a mini personalized spa. It's my zen den. The products below are the real things I use weekly to make sure I'm feeling fresh come Monday. Try them after Labor Day, so you feel energized for the first (unofficial) week of Fall!


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