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Get Long-Lasting Hair and Makeup, Just Like the Red-Carpet Stars

Jan 12 2013 - 6:10am

Now that award season has begun, celebrities are in beauty overdrive. While they have a team of people to ensure that no hair is out of place from the time they get into the limo until they leave the last afterparty, you can get the star treatment for your next big night out too. With the help of these long-wear hair and makeup tips, you'll be camera-ready from dusk till dawn.

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Hairstyles That Are Camera-Ready

Isn't it eerie how stars never seem to have a strand askew? You can get there too. Find out how to keep your night-out style looking great [2] for the paparazzi . . . or, er, Facebook snaps.

Concealer That Is Invisible

Many a starlet has been caught with powder under the eyes. Avoid the raccoon look by selecting the perfect-color concealer for your issue [3], whether it's pimples or dark circles.

Foundation That Won't Shine

Forehead shine is a problem for everyone (even the biggest of stars). However, it can be avoided with these straight-from-the-pros mattifying tips [4].

Eye Shadow That Won't Crease

From the limousine to the winner's circle, everything has to be pristine when it comes to red-carpet makeup. And here are a few things you can do to make sure your eye shadow remains crease-free [5], wherever your most fabulous journeys take you.

Mascara That Won't Run

Waterproof mascara is a red-carpet essential, keeping lashes full and curled all night long. And with these three picks, you're certain to have a streak-free face, even during all your teary acceptance speeches most dramatic moments.

Lips That Won't Smear

It's a lip stain's sole duty to last all night, throughout chatting, air-kissing, and anything else. Who has time re-apply when the camera is always on, anyway?

Nails That Won't Chip

Celebrities are always getting their nails snapped, particularly when clutching their winning statuettes. And it's with great certainty that their manicurists are taking the proper precautions to prevent chips [6] from tainting the overall look.

However, even if you do get a nick, there are ways to disguise smudges quickly [7] before any close-ups.

Source: Flickr user Tim . Simpson [8]

Makeup You Won't Have to Reapply

Any professional makeup artist will tell you the key to long-lasting makeup is primer. This product isn't just for the face, though. You can now prime your lips, lashes, and eyes [9] for the ultimate in stay-put cosmetics.

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