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5 Tips For Easily Creating More Edge Within Your Hairstyle

May 4 2011 - 12:16pm

Ginnifer Goodwin [1] has been wearing her hair in a cute pixie for well over a year now [2], but lately she's been more experimental with her style. At the Something Borrowed [3] premiere in Los Angeles yesterday, Ginnifer showed her edgier side, styling her coiffure in this shorn-at-the-sides, voluminized-at-the-back look. In need of a few ideas for jazzing up your style? You don't have to get a dramatic cut to do it. See five tips on how you can create a funkier you (as well as see Ginnifer's cut at different angles) now.

Fabulous Fringe

Regardless of length, try a choppy (or asymmetrical) fringe in the front to freshen up your look. Tip: to prevent greasy bangs, apply a styling wax working from back to front. That way, by the time you get to your fringe area, the product will be diluted enough so that it won't weigh the bangs down.

Achieving Major Volume

Whenever volume is needed anywhere within the style (in this case Ginnifer's crown), start by spritzing hair spray on the area you want to accentuate. Then, hold the hair straight up from the root, directing your blow dryer's flow to the area. Blast with the cool button to set, and use a comb to tease the roots for more hold.

Choose Your Brush Wisely For Better Results

To achieve a dramatic curl-under at the occipital bone, along with the curl-up directly above at the crown, Ginnifer likely used a round brush. For better round brush results and more styling options, keep these three tips in mind:

Change Your Thinking, Get to "Drinking"

Sometimes all you need to change your look is a simple switch-up of products from day to day. A cocktail of a gel mixed with a shine serum, for instance, will give you loads of shine and a sleek look, while a gel plus a wax will give your hair lots of texture and moldability. See more "cocktail" ideas here [4].

Take the Weight Out

While you might not want to go as short as Ginnifer, get out of a style rut by having your stylist cut in more layers, or ask him/her to pull out the texturizing shears. You'll be surprised what an impact it will make to take some weight out. There are also plenty of ways you can fake a new haircut [5] without the commitment.

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