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How to Deal With Humidity and Hair

How to Fight Frizzy Hair on Hot, Humid Days

Humidity plus hair can equal a frizzy mess, but it doesn't have to. When the heat rises, a few preventive measures can keep the flyaways and fluff at bay. Leonardo Manetti, co-founder of ION Studio in New York, has shared some pointers on doing so. "If you follow these quick steps," he says, "you will have frizz-free hair even on the most humid of days." For the scoop, just keep reading.

  • Wash the frizz right out of your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically to combat the problem. Manetti is a fan of Davines' LOVE Shampoo and Conditioner for Harsh & Frizzy Hair. "The blend of moisturizers and silicones leaves hair silky soft and manageable," he explains. And while you're at it, give hair a thorough rinse; having residual product on your hair just makes frizz worse.
  • Grab some silicone."Apply a silicone-based shine product to your hair before you dry it," he says. But don't go overboard — use only the amount recommended in the instructions.
  • Don't rush. Thoroughly dry your hair, and smooth down flyaways with a high-quality brush. "If you have to make one beauty investment, that should be it," he says.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. After your hair is dry, keep your paws away from your locks. The oils in your hands will make hair unmanageable.
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Join The Conversation
retrodiva retrodiva 6 years
Skigurl, the antiperspirant trick really helps, but it doesn't always solve the problem. Unfortunately, I think once hair gets wet, it needs to be restyled. If I'm in a situation where I think the back of my neck will get sweaty, I pull my hair up immediately and pin up those pieces of hair that get affected the worst. I just carry an elastic and two bobby pins. It helps when the antiperspirant fails.
stoopeed stoopeed 6 years
skigurl - I used to have the same problem. I don't sweat much elsewhere on my bod but forehead, hairline and neck sweat like crazy. Swiping roll-on or solid anti-perspirant there does help. Can't do that on my forehead much without breaking out so I just ensure that I carry tissues to keep swiping at my forehead. But if your skin isn't as sensitive as mine, try the antiperspirant trick.
jbenny jbenny 6 years
The living proof did nothing for me, and I've tried this tips for years. There is nothing you can do other than accept it.
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
None of this works for my hair. I've learned to embrace it and let it do waves, curls, or whatever. I can't fight it.
Smacks83 Smacks83 6 years
I don't like that silicones are so highly recomended. They are bad for your hair and can actually make it more dry and brittle as time goes on.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
Using sulfate-free shampoo has really made a difference for me. Also, no frizz from Living Proof works miracles!
skigurl skigurl 6 years
my hair is very curly but i straighten it with a straightening iron....but my problem is not flyaways or frizzies....when it gets really hot, my head and neck sweats and then my hair gets all gets curly underneath, my bangs get all gnarly, and the front pieces that fall around my face get all wavy so how do i stop that!??!?!?!?!?!?
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 6 years
I have found that if I skip my regular conditioner and instead style with a lightweight leave-in conditioner on my strands, my hair tends to handle humidity better.
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