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How to Do a Dutch Braid

Learn How to Do a Dutch Braid

Dutch braids (aka inverted French braids) are a fun take on your typical braided look. Wear the bohemian-style plaits to any casual outing, or try them at formal events to achieve a more dressed up feel. Want to go Dutch? Learn how to plait prettily now.

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Dutch braids are an easy way to freshen up any look and are still elegant enough for big events like weddings. They take a Bohemian style from off-duty to chic and memorable, and I'm gonna show you two ways to get this look at home. Don't start with freshly cleaned hair. I think day-old hair is best for this look because it helps for the braids to stay put longer and the natural oils make the hair easier to grip. But if you do need to shower and wash your hair, go ahead and apply a little bit of hairspray or a small amount of mousse to get a similar texture. Using the hair and smoothing it out will help add volume and thicken the hair. So take two inch sections of hair and tease starting at the root, working your way from the crown to the sides of your head. Don't brush through it. Just lightly brush over it to smooth out the volume. One of the keys to this look is texture. So go ahead and curl your entire head of hair with a one inch barrel curling iron. The best way to do this is to grab two inch sections and curl those.and go back and get any pieces you might have missed. I like a one-inch barrel iron, because when you brush the curl out, it creates a classic retro wave. Now it's time to start the braid, so braids are different from French braids because instead of folding over you fold under, so it makes the braid look like it's sitting on top of the hair. You're going to start with the hair above your left ear, tilting you head to the side and separating your hair into three different sections, which will make it easier to braid. take one of the outside strands and fold it underneath the middle strand. While you're braiding, you'll take pieces from the front of your head and the back, pulling them in and braiding them together Continue to pull the hair and braid it until you get to the end of your right ear. Once you've gotten to the other side of your head, you can bobby pin it, leaving the rest of your hair down in loose waves, creating a headband effect, or if you prefer an updo, you can use a clear elastic to create a side ponytail. And that's it. A simple, standout look for any occasion. For a vintage touch, add a broach for a truly elegant style. I'm Kirbie, and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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