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How To Go Back To Your Natural Hair Color 2008-09-04 08:00:11

Getting to the Root of It — Go Back to Natural Part One

A few weeks back, Bella reader lotuslight wanted to go back to her roots — literally. She asked what it would take to completely grow out her artificial color and go natural instead, all while keeping it budget-friendly. So, I’ve done a little sleuthing and here’s what was uncovered.

To get the facts straight, I consulted with Meredith Venesile-Spiros, master stylist at Salon V in Chicago and former contestant on the latest season of Shear Genius.

Ironically enough, to get rid of color, you're going to have to add some color. When going back to the tones that nature intended, it's best to stay out of the drugstore aisles to avoid a DIY color disaster, regardless of how tempting (and cheap) it might be.

"At least for the first time, go see a professional to properly make that change," Meredith advises. Let the experts guide you on what it's going to take keep the integrity of your hair intact. In the long run, you'll "save yourself some drama, money, and multiple trips to the drugstore."

To avoid having the embarrassment of heavy roots while your hair grows out, your stylist will talk about gradually blending your previously colored hair into your natural (virgin, if you will) color. Stay tuned to learn more about what Meredith says it takes to make this change a reality.

Photo courtesy of Bravo.

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