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How to Hide Dark Circles

Mask Under-Eye Circles With This Surprising Concealer Shade

No matter how well rested you are, genetics and your diet can affect the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. But when you really want to conceal them, there's a certain shade and layering technique you'll want to have in your beauty arsenal. Just follow these steps for a more circle-free complexion.

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One common beauty gripe that we've all dealt with are dark circles underneath our eyes. But why is it that no matter how much concealer we put on, we just can't seem to shake those dark clouds from our complexion. Well, today I'm going to show you how to get rid of dark circles once and for all. One thing to know is that if you do wear eye cream at night, make sure it has caffeine in it because that helps reduce puffiness. Also, cut out on alcohol and cigarettes because that breaks down collagen underneath your eyes and as always, remove make-up before you go to bed. All these things combined will help a dark circle. The first step is to apply a primer after you've applied your sunscreen and moisturizer and this is going to help the concealer to last all day long and fill creases that you may have underneath your eyes. Many people think that dark circles are a result of a late night out or lack of sleep, but in fact, that's not the cause of dark circles at all. You can get all the sleep in the world and still have them. Especially if your mother or grandmother gets them, because it could be hereditary. or it could just be something that you get as you age. Now, when applying your primer, when you're looking in the mirror, just lightly pat the skin underneath your eye. Because you don't want to pull or tug that area because the skin is very, very delicate. So just lightly pat it, and it'll look a little shiny, and then it'll dry matte. Once you've primed your face use a highlighting concealer to mask the darkness. If you're curious about orange concealer, NYX has a very creamy light weight option that isn't going to look too terrifying when you put it on, but it's going blend really easily too. You just put a little bit on your finger, look in the mirror, and then put your chin to your chest. That way you can see the outline of the dark circle so you know exactly where you're putting the concealer. So I just dab a few spots, and you can see it's very bright orange. But it's just going to help to illuminate and mask. of the dark color. And I always save underneath my eyes after I do my eye make-up like my mascara and my eyeliner so that no eye shadow or anything gets below on the skin. So you want to apply a foundation just to even out your skin tone so it doesn't look splotchy. And you can even use a tinted moisturizer if you apply the concealer lightly enough but I like to blend it completely with my foundation. So lightly pat your skin when applying the foundation, and don't tug at it. I'm trying to be very sensitive to this delicate skin down here. But you can still easily blend by patting. Just wanna make sure that all the orange or all the yellow isn't visible. And there you go, now you can't see any of the orange. Underneath your eyes has been subtly highlighted and your dark circles are gone. Your primer should keep your makeup in place all day long, but just to be on the safe side, I always apply a powder before I get going. So yours can be translucent, mine is going to have a yellow tone to it, just to help hide the purple and blue tone. After that, apply any other make-up you usually wear and you're ready to go. Now you may be tired and overworked, but with these tips you'll be able to fool the best of them. I'm Kirbie, and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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I think your hair looks really cute, nice and beachy! Also, I love how full your eyelashes look. You're a beautiful girl!
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Great tips Kirbie! Thanks! (PS: love your dress!)
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