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How to Make a Chignon

Create a Sweet, Soft Chignon For Fine Hair

A soft chignon creates a look that's equal parts poise and glamour, and stars like Lea Michele and Carrie Underwood have both been spotted wearing the elegant style. But is it possible to get the look on hair that's more fine than full? We brought celebrity stylist J.D. from Juan Juan Salon in to show us how to get the perfect low bun — even if you don't have a lot of hair to work with. See how to get this trendy, tousled updo now.

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When it comes to updos, a timeless favorite is a soft chignon. We've seen them on Leon Michelle and Carrie Underwood. Today, celebrity hair stylist JD from Duran Duran Salon, is joining us to give us a step by step on how to achieve the perfectly uncoiffed bind at home. My hair's already curled, so we recommend giving it a little bit of a wave before you get started. But, it works on straight hair. I'm going to backcomb her hair to give her some height and volume, just a little bit through the crown. I'm using a backcombing brush. It's a little more gentle on the hair. Now, I'm going to brush out the backcombing with a Mason Pearson brush, just to kind of smooth it out a little bit. A comb work is just as good. Just go over it lightly on the top layer. Now you're going to remove some of the hair around the hair line to add a bit of softness around the face. I'm going to grab the hair from the other side smooth it out as you go. Now I'm going to pin and set where I want my chignon to lay, which is going to be off-centered a little bit to the side, and we're going to a little bit of a messy chignon. For shorter, thinner hair like mine, are we actually going to create a bun? I'm not. I'm actually going to take your hair, and I'm going to [xx] it around and I'm going pin it as I go into a circle. With longer hair, actually do a bun, and then take the pieces that are surrounding and pin them up and down and put some fun accessories in your hair. Because her hair is so fine, I back-combed her ends to give her a little bit more body and width, so that I can take the hair and turn it, and help get a bun from it. Now I'm just adding a couple of bobby pins for safety. I'm going to use a 1940's vintage brooch to put in your hair, which adds something fun and shiny to your updo. And now the last and final step is just to put a little bit of hold with some hairspray. And now you're done. JD thanks so much for being with us today. Thank you. And a soft chignon is the perfect formal updo. However. you can make it a little less formal, by removing the jewel pin and wearing it to a meeting or a girls' night out. Thanks again for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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