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How to Make Your Own Nail Decals

Make Your Own Nail Decals With Wax Paper and Nail Polish

Nail decals make it easy to get an elaborate, striking nail look. And now you can make them at home with this do-it-yourself technique. So grab some wax paper and your imagination. It's time to get crafty. On Kirbie: headband courtesy of

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When it comes to nail art, skip the salon and try these easy nail decals that you can make at home. They're really easy to do, and I'm gonna show you how to make them in today's tutorial. Here's what you'll need, a clear top coat, your favorite polishes, wax paper, an idea for your design, tweezers, scissors and a thin nail brush. Before you start, you need to decide on a design and I'm actually creating the Union Jack, which is the British flag, here is an example of what they will look like when they are finished on the wax table but you can really make anything as intricate or as simple as you like. So now that you have your design in mind it is time to cut some wax paper and wax paper is the best for this because it makes the decal really easy to peel off later. And you just make a dot into the wax paper. And from here you're gonna make it look like a fingernail shape. And I know that's a little confusing so I'm going to show you how. All you do Make a straight line and then bring it up and over in a circle and then just fill it in. The thicker this is the better because if it's too thin, it won't peel off the wax paper easily. After you have created the based of your decal, wait for it to dry completely before starting your actual creation. So two seats take about an hour to dry, I have some right here that are ready to get started on. Patience is a virtue, so be sure to wait until your decal is 100% dry before trying to peel it off the paper. If not, all of your hard work will be ruined. I think 30 minutes is a good amount of time to wait, but I usually wait an hour just to be safe. While your decals are drying, start to paint your nails with the base color of the decal. This is just an easy blending technique, in case your decal isn't big enough to fit your fingernail. By this time your decals and your nails, should both be dry. So you want to start to peel them off your wax paper, which should be a cinch. I use tweezers because they're more precise. Then, take your clear top coat and apply your nails, so that when you apply the decal, it will stay longer. Then, using your tweezers, stick it on top and adjust it as you need to with your fingers, and then let it dry. So you might notice that this one is a little bit bigger than my actual nail but that's really easy to fix. I just take a cuticle pusher like this one, it's stainless steel and then press down on the outline of my nail. And it literally takes off the decal where it's not needed. Then repeat those same steps for the rest of your nails. So I am all finished and I think this is a really fun, eye-catching look. But just a quick tip, don't apply a top coat, or it will smear your decal. I'm Kirby, and thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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