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How Much Should I Tip For a Free Bang Trim?

How Much Should You Tip For a Complimentary Bang Trim?

Every time I get my hair done (or is it did?), my stylist graciously offers me a complimentary bang trim in between services. "Call me anytime," she always says. Why I've never taken her up on her offer, I don’t know.

Even though I am pretty skilled at trimming my own bangs — or so I think — there is never anything quite like the precision cutting that my stylist can achieve. So, I'm taking her up on her offer this time around and popping in for that trim. This got me to thinking about what's a customary tip for a free service like this. So, I consulted one of my former stylists from the Chicago days, Veronica Rubio, owner of Salon V, to ask her opinion. She says:

Five dollars on the low end, ten dollars on the high end, judged on the level of regular haircut price. It's usually 10 percent of the regular haircut price.

And there you have it.


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