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17 Real-Girl Secrets to a More Organized Bathroom Vanity

Jan 29 2016 - 8:00am

Everyone gets in the mood to tidy up sometimes, and we're going to start by cleaning up the crushed compacts and expired lip glosses floating in the bottom of the bathroom drawer. These real-girl beauty battle stations from the Reddit Makeup Addiction [1] thread deserve their own HGTV show. They're that good! So we've created a decorating checklist following their example. Disclaimer: should your significant other complain about the square footage your new and improved beauty haven occupies, we are not responsible.

Source: Paramount Pictures [2]

Trays of assorted sizes and colors

Drawers with dividers

A chic mat for powdery messes

Palettes arranged like novels

Hanging baskets for hair tools

Magazines and flowers (to class up the joint)

A clear jar packed with cotton balls and Q-tips

Floating shelves

Racks on racks of nail polish

Beauty-themed artwork

A clock (because you spend way too much time on makeup already)

Lots of light (natural or lightbulbs)

Multiple mirrors

A toolbox with extra storage for the everyday essentials


Mason jars for your brushes

A CosmoCube

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