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How To Prevent Frizz from Humidity

Dear Bella: Help Smooth My NOLA Frizzies

Recently, I received an email from a Bella reader, and I knew I had to help. Here's her dilemma:

I have slightly wavy, very thick, and frizzy long hair. I live in constant humidity here in New Orleans, LA. I am not sure chemicals are the answer for me because technically my hair is already straight for the most part, but I would be willing to try a chemical procedure if it will smooth my frizzies and give me a sleek shine. I would love to try a new color when I finally learn how to control my mane. And for the record, I have never dyed my hair and only used heat in my hair about every three months so it should be healthy — can't tell behind all this frizz, though.

To see what I have to say,


Winter weather often means dry, Winter hair — which often leads to frizz. But, since you're living in a more humid climate, excess moisture in the air is attracted to the the porosity of hair, which causes it to swell up. Frustration. While any chemical service will open up the hair's cuticle (which can also cause frizziness — ugh!), consult with a stylist for details on gentle hair color services and straightening options. But when it comes to defrizzing at home, here are some tips to keep your hair tame. The whole point is to keep your cuticle flat, protect your hair, and repel excess moisture:

  • Cleansing: Shampooing daily can make the hair behave badly. If you must shampoo every day, consider using a smoothing shampoo, washing only the roots to remove oils. Then, condition the hair shaft and ends to keep hair hydrated without weighing it down. To finish, blast your hair cold water to seal the cuticle as you rinse.
  • Don't touch: After washing, let your hair air-dry. Whatever you do, don't aggravate your locks by rubbing the towel all willy-nilly. Instead, try keeping your hair wrapped in that towel a little longer to absorb excess water. Then, apply an antihumidity smoothing cream like Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother ($24), distribute with a wide-toothed comb, and let it be.
  • Yes to silicone. No to alcohol: Once your hair has dried, apply a silicone serum to boost shine and further prevent the dreaded frizz. Try Citre Shine Shine Anti-Frizz Serum ($6.89). Something to avoid? Products with alcohol, which can be drying and frizz inducing.
  • If you must add heat: Apply a heat protector first to prevent damage. If using a blow-dryer, point the nozzle downward to avoid ruffling up the cuticle. For even smoother results, use a flat iron to help manage those wild strands. But whatever you do, always use protection.


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