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5 Ways to Beat Body Odor and Sweat This Summer

Jun 22 2014 - 7:00am

When the weather heats up, everything seems to smell stronger from your underarms to your feet. Well we've covered the complete spectrum of body odor here (and found solutions). Whether it's just because you stood too close to the BBQ or spent hours walking around a festival, these tips will get you out of the stinkiest situations.


If you hung in a smoky lounge the night before or just didn't have time for a full-on wash, dry shampoo is the quickest solution for less-than-fresh strands. The powdery and oil-absorbing ingredients will help remedy muskiness. You can also clear up a dirty scalp without water using witch hazel on a cotton ball or Q-Tip. If you like the look of a little hair grease but want to mask the scent, try a hair fragrance. These are all great postgym remedies as well.

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For the most part, halitosis is caused by bad oral hygiene. So the first step is to make sure to brush your teeth and floss daily and see your dentist twice a year. But chances are your bad breath is not as serious as you think. A few simple lifestyle changes can help you avoid this problem. Cut back on alcohol-laden mouthwash, eat crisper vegetables, and scrape your tongue with a toothbrush every so often to live a fresh-breath-friendly life.


First things first, let's get this straight: deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same thing. Deodorant merely covers up the smell, while an antiperspirant has a chemical configuration to reduce the source of the odor — sweating. To boost the power of your odor-blasting product, shave your underarms and wear deodorant to bed.

If you're a severe underarm sweater, consider Botox as a solution. The injections can paralyze the nerves that activate sweat glands, meaning you could be sweat free for longer periods of time.

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Your lady parts have a very sensitive pH balance. Many things from sex to what you eat can disrupt the balance. Some odors are merely temporary. But if there is a yeasty or fishy scent in addition to a discharge, it's time to see your doctor because it could be a marker of a larger problem like a yeast infection or worse. How do you prevent unwanted odor down there? First start by switching your underwear to cotton, then consider your body wash. You want to use a mild soap in such a sensitive area. On-the-go use wipes to keep the area bacteria and odor-free.

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Funky feet is the culprit of sweaty sandal feet and stinky shoes. Bacteria loves to hide out in the dark, damp areas under your soles. So be vigilant about cleaning your toes after a long day walking outdoors. If sweat is your primary issue, try a moisture-absorbing product like baby powder. The true problem could also be your shoes. Throw your soles in the washing machine (or the entire shoe if it's feasible). You can also pour a bit of baking soda on your flats to minimize odor.

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