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How To Shave Your Armpits

How-To: Shave Your Pits For Smooth Results

The other day, the warm temperatures in downtown San Francisco prompted me to bust out a sleeveless top. As I hopped on an extremely crowded bus with no seats available, I held on to the rubber straps for dear life. "Oh crud, did I remember to shave my pits this morning?" I wondered. The answer was yes, but I did so in a haphazard fashion.

Shaving armpit hair is an annoying task, but using better techniques for more effective results makes it a little more bearable. Check out my tips for a smooth underarm shave when you read more.

  • Hold it: Shave your armpits as late into your shower as possible. The warm water helps soften the coarse hair in this area, so shaving will be a little easier.
  • Scrub-a-dub: Make sure you remove all traces of your deodorant with a thorough washing. You might also want to consider exfoliating with a body scrub like The Body Shop Mango Scrub ($10 to $20), for a more even shave. (Do this before flicking the Bic, of course.)
  • Up, down, and all around: I prefer using a razor with multiple blades, because with more blades working, it gets the job done a lot faster. That, and you don't have to shave an already-sensitive area over and over. After lathering up with a great shaving cream, lift the arm high, and start shaving. Shave up, down, and side to side. Keeping the skin taut will result in a closer shave, so pull your skin however you need to go to create an even surface. Rinsing the blade off after every other stroke or so will also keep the razor nice and unclogged.
  • Mini razor: If you encounter an area that's difficult to maneuver around, or if you discover you've missed a few hairs, a mini razor should do the trick. Try Noxzema Bikini Razor for Women ($3).
  • Don't be dull: It should go without saying, but make sure your razor isn't dull. Check out my tips for extending the life of your razor, and happy — or at least less tedious — shaving.


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