'Tis the season for illness, and unfortunately, a few of us on Team Bella have come down with the common cold in in the past week. (And a never-ending cold it seems to be.) A nasty little bug it is, colds also have a way of causing chapped, red, and generally all-around irritated noses. For tips on preventing and getting rid of the problem, just read more.

  • Choose your tissues wisely: Mostly, chapping is caused from excessive friction as your nose rubs up against that tissue. Blot the tissue to your nose instead, and look for products containing lotion or with ultrasoft textures. There are also specially-designed tissues to help take the harshness out of nose-wiping, like Achooz saline nose wipes ($5 for a three-pack), which are formulated with aloe and vitamin E.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and exfoliating: Both can irritate the nose even further. Instead, consider moisturizing with a rich facial lotion in between nose-blowing to halt the chapping before it even begins.
  • Hydrate: Bust out the vaporizer and drink plenty of liquids to help keep dry skin in check, and avoid super hot showers, which can dry out the skin even further.
  • Turbocharge your moisturizer: Obviously, you're going to want to moisturize dry, cracked skin. But take it a step above, and instead of using a plain balm or cream, choose a hydrating product with good-for-your skin ingredients, like Bliss Problem Salved ($9 to $31), which contains tea tree oil and ginger extract, an anti-irritant. Also try Palmer's Lil' Face Butter Stick ($4) or even ChapStick Skin Protectant Lip Balm ($2), which contains aloe and vitamin E.
  • Oil up: Mix an oil into an unscented moisturizer and apply to treat. Vitamin E oil can help strengthen the skin's barrier function, while eucalyptus oil can help relieve congestion.
  • And if need be: While it's difficult to cover up dry, flaky skin, there are ways you can take the redness down. A bit of green concealer to counteract the red tones, followed by a creamy concealer or foundation, can provide a temporary fix.