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We Road Test Lady Gaga's Coke Can Curlers

Apr 9 2010 - 4:00am

Lady Gaga [1] is making us turn into Coke heads. It's not as sordid as it sounds: Ever since I first saw the "Telephone" video, I've been itching to see just how well her Diet Coke can curlers actually work. Turns out, the process is pretty simple, so Team Bella got together to re-create the look. We're not as discriminating as Gaga, so we used a bunch of different kinds of cans. Twenty minutes later, we had a hairstyle. So to find out how this look actually comes out in real life, and how to do it yourself, keep reading.

What You'll Need

  1. Hair dryer
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Empty cans
  4. Hair spray (We used Aquanet — because we're old school like that)

Getting Started

Start on dry, straightened hair to get soft waves. If you want big curls instead, begin on wet hair and work in a quarter-sized amount of gel or mousse.

Bottom Up

Start on the bottom layer of your hair, tying the rest up with a rubber band or clip. As you can see, neatness isn't the most important thing here. You're going for nice curl, not perfectly straight lines.

The Can Trick

If you have soft or fine hair, wrap a band around the can. Then secure your bobby pins to your hair and the band for extra staying power.

Roll Up

Spritz hair spray down the length of the strand, roll it on the can as you would on a regular curler, and then secure by sliding two bobby pins in to the top and bottom of the curl. Use the can trick if you're worried about getting enough hold.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Once you've got your whole head canned up, give it another mist of hair spray, and check for any loose pieces. (We had to fix the can you can see at the nape of my neck, for example.)

Do I Look Like Gaga?


Because That Would Be Awesome!

Photo courtesy Lady Gaga [2]

All Dried Up

Blow-dry hair until the cans are hot and your hair is completely dry. If you're worried about the cans coming loose, use a diffuser attachment. Slowly unroll the cans and finger-comb your hair out.

The End

The result is pretty, voluminous waves that look casual and perfect for a weekend lunch date or day at the beach.

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