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How to Wear Bronze Mascara

Bronze Mascara Is the Perfect Alternative to Your Traditional Hues

Reader angelahay recently wondered where she can purchase brown mascara. Good question.

One of the best parts about wearing a bronze mascara, besides the fact that it gives a subtle luminescence to the eye, is that this hue brings out the golden tones in green, gray, hazel, and blue eyes. As for brown eyes, it just further enhances what you already have. It's also a great option for warmer weather to augment your bronzed cheek, lip, and eye makeup even further. While this warm, rich hue, which often includes metallic flecks of gold or bronze within a black or brown base, is often hard to find, I've gathered together a few of my discoveries in the widget below. Be sure to check it out for inspiration, and then head over to our BellaSugar Q and A group to ask or answer a question or two of your own.

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