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5 Pretty, Easy Ways to Wear Under-Eye Liner

May 4 2011 - 3:10am

Under-eye liner is proving to be one of 2011's biggest eye makeup trends, and there are lots of great, easy ways to wear it that won't leave you looking like a raccoon. Whether you're shy about trying the look or ready to go runway bold, there's a way to make under-eye liner work for you.

Get Frosty

For a night out, nothing is quite as hipster-chic as frosty blue under-eye shadow. Jessica Szohr [1]'s bangs and pout give it an edge, but the look overall is still pretty.

Go Big

High fashion is just a few liner strokes away with this look from Dianna Agron [2]. By extending the line from your lower lashes all the way out to the ends of your eyebrows, you get a longer, more emphatic line than you would from a basic cat-eye technique.

Try an Unexpected Color

If you're looking for something everyone will notice, try a nontraditional liner shade along your lower lash line. You could go with pink, like Rihanna [3] here, or try a pretty bright yellow, orange, or green.

Go Natural

If you want to accentuate your lower lash line but aren't comfortable with making a big statement, go the same route as Rachael Leigh Cook, and diffuse a soft, natural shadow under your eyes. You'll get the same eye-enhancing benefits without the boldness of a brighter line.

Use a Bright, Fine Line

Emma Stone [4]'s lovely teal under-eye liner is a great choice for people who want something that stands out. By using a brightening color like teal or blue, you'll also make your eyes look more "awake," and a thin line like this is flattering on almost any eye shape.

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