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10 Pretty Ways to Wear a Scarf in Your Hair

Jun 2 2011 - 6:00am

Hair scarves have been a staple of the fashion elite for decades, and it's easy to see why. They protect hair, cover a variety of styling sins, and they look totally cosmopolitan and chic. It may seem daunting to try the look, but there are plenty of beautiful styles you can create with a pretty scarf and a couple of minutes. Check out 10 of the cutest scarf styling tricks now.


A small piece of silk or cotton tied up to make a sweet band is always a pretty look, whether your Agyness Deyn or the girl next door.


It's easy to keep your hair from whipping around in the ocean breeze with a small scarf. Create a look like Eve's by folding a neckerchief in half and then knotting the two opposite points together at the back of your head.

Full Turban

This look on Ashley Olsen [1] may seem pretty complicated, but a turban is relatively simple to fake. Just take a cloche hat (or any hat without a large brim) and throw your scarf over it. Then, use safety pins to do some creative wrapping and to make a couple of fake tucks, and voila! You have yourself a fancy turban.


Juliette Lewis is an original, but I'm sure she won't mind us borrowing her cool-girl style a little. Wrap a standard bandanna around your forehead, and then accent the look with craft store feathers, earrings, and anything else dangly you can staple under a corner of the wrap. You'll be ready for Burning Man in no time.


Coco Rocha knows that a simple kerchief can look artsy and mysterious when you use a metallic fabric with plenty of texture for your wrap. It's unexpected, attention grabbing, and an excellent use for brocade fabric.

Old Hollywood

A gorgeous silk or satin hair wrap recalls the sexy stars of the 1940s. Using a big, single color scarf Like Debi Mazar's is best for this look. Wrap your hair up as if drying it after a shower, and then use bobby pins to tuck the "tail" of the scarf under.


Have a little quirkiness in you? A colorful, floppy silk wrap is just right for letting your inner funny girl out. Singer Eliza Doolittle just folds a scarf into an easy band and then ties the remaining fabric in a big knot at one side. To make sure everything stays in place, add a few bobby pins behind your ears, at the nape of your neck, and under the knot.

Tight and Wrapped

If you want a look that hides all of your hair the way Estelle's wearing it here, take a long scarf or shawl and wrap it tightly around your head. Then secure the back by creating a "bun" with the fabric and putting a hair elastic around it.


Jennifer Lopez [2] adores headscarves, even at formal events. To get a look like this for yourself, you'll want a scarf with some glitter and shimmer, preferably in a metallic shade. Then, you just fold it in half, knot it together in the back, and let the remaining fabric flow over your shoulder like a ponytail.

Retro Mod

For a look with plenty of 1960s swing, take a page from Audrey Hepburn's iconic style book and tie a silk scarf over your hair and under your chin. Sunglasses are optional, but highly recommended for pulling this one off.

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