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10 Reasons Iggy Azalea Is the Baddest Beauty B*tch in Hip-Hop

Sep 12 2014 - 4:30am

What girl hasn't blasted Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" while getting ready for a night out at the club? Something about the lyrics — "hot girl, hands off, don't touch that" — just boosts your confidence. And even if your winged eyeliner doesn't come out even, you still feel like a million bucks. Well, it's obvious Iggy knows just as much about beauty as she does about creating dance hits. The hip-hop artist is always rocking creative beauty looks on the red carpet. We love her best when she's setting off her alabaster complexion with inky cat eyeliner, a bold lipstick, and a bright blond updo.

Source: Billy Farrell Agency [1]

June 2014

This braided pompadour/ponytail hairstyle [2] is one of Iggy's favorite performance looks. She rocked it on the red carpet before hitting the stage at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party.

May 2014

Even though Iggy puts off a tough front in her music, she's got a softer side, too. These extralong waves were a nod to retro Hollywood hairstyles at the Billboard Music Awards.

May 2014

Iggy always keeps a playfulness in her beauty looks. For her Steve Madden [3] Music performance, Iggy wore her hair in a basketweave braid [4] with her signature bright pink lip.

April 2014

At the MTV Movie Awards, Iggy rocked this crimped and teased ponytail. She paired it with a glossy pink lip that complemented her pastel dress.

January 2014

Iggy's slicked-back look at the Grammy Awards was the perfect hairstyle to show off her multiple beauty marks.

September 2013

Red lip, sleek ballerina bun, and winged eyeliner — Iggy knows what works for her and pulled it together effortlessly at New York Fashion Week.

September 2013

Sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week might be a rather new experience for Iggy, but she brought her best avant garde beauty look with this wispy ponytail and monochromatic makeup palette.

June 2013

Is it just us, or did Iggy channel Dita Von Teese [5]'s vintage look at Logo's Hot 100 Party? The perfectly curled ponytail, angular eyeliner, and red lip are pinup provocative.

May 2013

At the NARM Music Biz Awards Party, Iggy kept her look simple with a sleek side ponytail, matte red lip, and barely there eye makeup.

August 2012

On stage Iggy puts down a serious performance, and this fishtail braid from her Sneaker Pimps set is one that lets her really rock the mic.

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