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I'm a Huge Fan Drew Barrymore Part 1 Video

Drew Barrymore I'm a Huge Fan: Get Inside the World of Big Miracle With Our Winner!

We are so excited to share our latest I'm a Huge Fan — come along as our lucky winner gets to meet and interview the amazing Drew Barrymore! Drew's latest project, Big Miracle, hits theaters on Friday, and to celebrate we brought one fan on the adventure of a lifetime. Meet Nicole, the winner of our contest, who was flown out to LA to get a peek into Drew's world and learn all about what it took to make Big Miracle. Nicole experiences the magic of whale watching thanks to Harbor Breeze Cruises, and on the water she learns all about the majestic creatures from the experts from the Aquarium of the Pacific. Next, Nicole gets a chance to talk to Cindy Lowry, the real-life woman who Drew plays in the film. Finally, Nicole is off to Beckley Boutique to pick the perfect outfit for her big interview with Drew. Big thanks to and Virgin America for making sure Nicole was traveling in style. Check back tomorrow for Nicole's big meeting with Drew, and see Big Miracle in theaters on Friday — can't wait!

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Nicole is the lucky Pop Sugar fan who won the chance to meet her favorite celebrity, Drew Barrymore. To prepare for her moment, Nicole dive into the world of Drew Barrymore and learn what Drew went through to prepare for her role in Big Miracle. She will brave the rough seas and go whale watching. Right there. Wow. Oh my God. get a makeover by Drew's personal hairstylist. Drew is like hair chameleon. And meet the woman that Drew portrays in the movie. All of that in preparation for her big moment interviewing Drew Barrymore. This is actually about to happen. Pop Sugar is had this program, Yeah. called I'm a Huge Fan which is so nice. And I've seen a bunch, How cool. so, I was like, great, awesome. Yeah. Let's do it. How does it feel to know that you're going to be interviewing Drew Barrymore in just a couple of days? I think I'm still in shock. She's made such an amazing person of herself and I think she's an inspiration for me we can't wait to have you here in LA. I know you gotta pack your bags and get ready to come down here. So, I look forward seeing you in person. Thank you so much. I'm really excited to meet Drew. To think that I'm going to be able to meet somebody that I've lived up to for a really long time. It's just the nerves just keep piling up. Hello. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I'm still not really sure if it's real. I think somebody needs to pinch me. You know we talked a little bit about why you admire here so much. And you know, one thing that you mentioned was your interest animal rights. I love animals, especially when it comes to endangered species. We're gonna jump right into it Right. like I said we really need you to help tell Drew's story we want to learn a lot about this specific project, being miracle that she has. Tomorrow morning bright and early we gonna be going to whale watch. Did you do anything in particular to prepare for the role? Yes. I went and did some whale watching, myself. Now, the easiest way to spot them, because we are in a big ocean. You are actually looking for a heart shape blow. You're looking on the horizon, you're looking for the heart that lead you to the great whale. And this is pretty much what you would have seen up north, up in Alaska when the crew was filming. There is the blow, straight ahead. I saw the whale The story in Big Miracle is, it truly is a miracle about three grey whales got stuck up in the ice in Alaska. And, really all of this and role efforts that people went through to try and save them, is really unbelievable to think how many people came together. There's another blow over here, too. We have them literally surrounding the boat, we have two really close. Amazing. Right there. Yeah. Oh, my God. Right there, gray. I can't believe them. I have a chance to know. And that Drew was able to do the same thing, can't wait to talk to her about it. I love being it at the center of this but the heart of this is the whale story or something that I need to hear myself, which is that if everybody puts their agendas aside for a second, they can do something wonderful. This is a great way for you to get a little bit of background and into the research that Drew did and I'm really excited to tell you that next on the schedule you're going to be talking to Cindy Laurie, who Drew plays Oh my God. in Big Miracle. I just really wanted to know like, what was she like as a kid and what made her tick? That was really helpful to me and super fun. Hi, Cindy. My name is Nicole and I do want to talk to you a little bit about the movie. It is based on an experience that you had back in 1988. What was it like working with her prepping her for the film. I think Drew did an amazing job of morphing into me. You know, we're both dog people so we immediately bonded over our dogs, just did normal things. We've turned this meeting into I started recording her and you know interviewing her, and then eventually she came out and stayed with me in California and that tape recorder just went away. We just ended up just hanging out You'll have to tell her hi for me. By the end of the movie we know that the whales were freed. I'm just curious how you felt in that moment, experiencing that Really ecstatic feeling. I mean, we had our highs and lows through those 3 weeks. You know, we lost the little ones. I was sitting down right behind the last whole, and one of them came out and was swimming and came up and rested it's head right there by me. I just remember saying to that whale, you know, you, you're going to get out of here, you're going home. Thank you so much for taking the time time to meet. Oh, you're so welcome. We're about to go pick up my friend Emma from the hotel. I'm really excited to have join. I know we've got a lot of great things coming up. Hey, ladies. Hi. I'm Lindsey, by the way. Emma. Nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you. Well I have a surprise for you. We are actually here at at Beckley Boutique on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and we're going to go in and pick a look for your interview with Drew. Oh, my god. Okay, so Nicole and Emma, we're here with Melissa who owns Beckley. Tell me a little bit about how you selected the things you picked today. Well, I based it off Drew Barrymore's and she's very like boho chic. Her everyday wear, she's like, jeans and her great sweater or blazer. Okay, let's go play dress up. I think that jacket is definitely meant to be. I like that. It felt so good when I put it on. I think Drew and I, in terms of conquering our fears, we've definitely go out there and just make sure that we really just face it head on next time on I'm a Huge Fan. It turns out we have something in common. We both have brick tattooed on our wrist. Interesting. Did you know that I had that tattoo? Not until today when I read it in an article, I think it's something that we'll both be able to relate to. It's kind of just, I thought it was really funny. That is an amazing. Yes, it is.

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Charles2219927 Charles2219927 3 years
lucky women, afterall she still my favorite actress and model , and more so
Michellemanning Michellemanning 4 years
What a cool experience! I got the chills FOR her!
Karen57 Karen57 4 years
I'm soo happy for Nicole! can't wait for the next episode..I admire Drew Barrymore!Thanks for sharing♥
lauren lauren 4 years
Such an amazing opportunity! I can't wait to see the rest!
Kirbie-Johnson Kirbie-Johnson 4 years
Anyone else feeling giddy? Can't wait to see the next installment!
DK DK 4 years
Love Drew! Excited to see episode #2!
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 4 years
Very cute! I can't wait to see Big Miracle!
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