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Why You Should Ask For the Brazilian Facial After Your Next Wax

Aug 3 2014 - 9:05am

In my quest to have the best bikini body ever, I tried out Strip Ministry of Wax [1]'s Brazilian Facial ($85). The treatment is pretty similar to the butt facial [2], except instead of acne as the culprit, ingrown hairs are the problem. It's really the best thing to happen to your lady bits since the full-bush Brazilian [3].

This facial can be performed right after your traditional wax. Waxing expert Natalia Romanenko uses a microdermabrasion machine on the area around the bikini line. This method helps further exfoliate the area (yes, it stings a little, but in a rubbed-raw kind of way not a singeing-pain kind of way). The suction of the machine uncovers buried ingrown hairs. Then, Natalia uses a seek-and-destroy method to remove them with tweezers. Will this keep you ingrown free for life? No. But scheduling a Brazilian facial after every other wax will ensure that you don't look bumpy in a string bikini because ingrowns are less likely to pop up. That's one more Summer body issue [4] solved!

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