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10 Beauty Secrets to Steal From Kate Bosworth

May 5 2014 - 12:00pm

Kate Bosworth [1], it goes without saying, is undoubtedly a stunner. Need more reasons to be jealous of her genetic blessings? Last night at an SK-II event (the actress is the face of the brand), Kate revealed that she's never suffered from acne, nor has she suffered a negative reaction to a skin care product or treatment. Sigh. Oh, and those signature tousled waves of hers? They just automatically air-dry that way. Basically, the woman's perfect. Like, #IWokeUpLikeThis flawless. (Beyoncé, watch your back.) Since if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, we gathered up Kate's top 10 tried-and-true beauty tips.

The Hi-Tech Skin-Analyzing Device She Loves

She uses a fancy face-reading machine to check the progress and real age of her skin.
“The Beauty Imaging System is really fun," Kate said. "There’s a really complicated system that the technology understand about your skin, but it’s very simple for the consumer. It [analyzes] your skin to understand five different dimensions [of skin health] and shows you which ones that need more improvement for each individual. I learned a lot about my face because I didn’t know the state of hydration it was in, so it was with this discovery that I started to try out this new moisturizing cream, LXP Ultimate Revival Cream [2] ($350), which I love.”

Her Hollywood Crush

She has a girl crush on Cate Blanchett [3].
“Cate Blanchett is great. She’s just incredible, and she’s always been an icon of mine in many different ways," enthused Kate. "I love her. I was introduced to SK-II because of my love for her . . . She taught me to put the Facial Treatment Essence [4] ($95) in a spray bottle and use it as a refreshing mist.”

How She Gets Red Carpet Ready

Her red carpet essential is a face mask.
“Particularly for an event where I want to have a more elevated experience, I’ll always use a mask," she explained. "I’ll put a mask on and will usually sit in the bath with it. And I try, if I’m not traveling, to keep it in the refrigerator so they’re even more cooling and will take down the inflammation. I’ll have that on my face for about an average of 20 minutes.”

She Looks Better Without Makeup

It actually takes makeup to make her look bad.
Kate broke it down: “In Homefront I was playing a meth addict. What’s so funny about that is all the press said, “Gosh, it must’ve felt so nice to not wear any makeup in that movie!” And I was like, “No, I was wearing makeup! It was bad makeup!” For that particular film, the makeup actually was the dark circles. They actually had a sponge and this red paint that they used to paint the bad skin on.”

How She Stays Fresh on a Flight

She has a skin care routine for plane rides.
“I have a travel kit with all my products in it," she said. "I will put the Essence [5] ($95) in a spray bottle so you can spritz it during the flight, and it is the most beautiful mist. On a long flight I’ll bring the LXP cream [6] ($350) and will just continually keep reapplying it, and my skin will just drink it in.”

Her Wedding-Day Advice

She wasn’t even nervous on her wedding [7] day, and her advice for brides is to try to follow suit and stay cucumber calm. “The nervousness and the angst had come in the planning," she explained. "All the weeks and months of preparation — that was when I was trying to make sure everything was as we wanted it to be. [My husband and I] woke up really early at like 4 a.m. on the Thursday before our wedding when everyone was coming into town like it was Christmas morning, and we looked at each other and said, ‘OK, from here on out, this is it. No stress. It’s about me and you and our love and whatever goes wrong is part of the experience.’ We just tossed all the stress out of the window at that point. And that really is the number one thing I can say to brides: Just have your moment with your partner and say, It’s about us. Everything else falls away.' So on my wedding day I was very calm.”

The Beauty Trick She Won't Try

"Like mother, like daughter" does not apply here.
“[My mom] does this thing that I keep telling her [makes me] nervous. Ever since I was a kid, I remember watching this: she separates her eyelashes with a safety pin. And she’s going to read this and be like, ‘Why did you tell people that?’ And I’ll say, ‘Because you do, and it’s crazy, and I get so nervous!’ But this is her routine. She’s done it for years. I’m not recommending this, by the way. I’m far too cautious.” [Confession: we’ve maybe possibly tried this ourselves a time or two. But we were supercareful! Pinky swear! And now we feel shame.]

How to Get Her Perfectly Tousled Waves

She tucks her hair behind her ears to get more beachy bends.
“This is the truth — when it looks just tousled, I brush my hair while it’s wet, and I tuck it behind my ears and make sure it’s really flat on top," she said. "I let it air-dry, and then I just untuck it and shake it. But I don’t use any products in it. That trick also just works if you have straighter hair.”

Her Preferred Hair Color

Her favorite hair color is red.
“I loved going red," she enthused. "I’ve always been attracted to that color for hair. And it’s the part of my job I love so much is becoming someone else a bit. It’s exciting. I would’ve kept it, honestly, but it’s so hard to maintain the upkeep of that. Like clothing, it does change the way you interact a little bit. I know it sounds a little funny, but so much of our expressions can be physical in that way and alter our behavior or mood just slightly. You become a different version of yourself. So the red made me a little spicy.”

Yes, Even Kate Has a Beauty Weakness

Her singular Achilles’ heel is a proneness to dark spots.
“I will admit I was not phenomenal with sunscreen when I was younger," she admitted. "At the time, I was not knowledgeable in that way. I had hyperpigmentation triggered from the sun, and it’s something that’s an ongoing challenge. Even though I was in my early 20s, there were already issues. I’ve never suffered from acne other than the odd breakout, but I had different challenges.”

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