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Keira Opens Up About The Pressure To Look Good

The new issue of Allure features Keira Knightley, who's promoting Silk. "I have self-esteem problems," she told the magazine. Surprise, surprise, they blossomed when she went to Hollywood. She said of her first visit to Los Angeles:

"It is frightening, especially when you're 17, and you want to be the same as everyone else—you want to fit in. And if you're fitting in in a place like L.A., then it is a very particular look. I was feeling there was something very wrong with me."

It gets worse. A brunette in a sea of blondes, she went to a dermatologist to fix her acne, and then the doc asked her if she'd broken her nose. When she said no, he replied, "Well, we can fix it." This sent her to the mirror, where she spent "hours and hours" staring at her nose to find its flaws.

I hardly think any of us would see Keira on the street and think, "Yikes, that girl's got a nose like Karl Malden. She'd better fix that." And if Keira feels like she can't live up to the Hollywood beauty ideal, is it any surprise that so many of us feel we can't do it, either? I'm curious to know what you think of Keira's remarks. Do you ever feel this way, too?

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