In case you missed my post last month about the fabulous new brand of glosses from Keisha Nash Whitaker and celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson, the creators of Kissable Couture, don't worry because you're just in time to take a peek at their brand-new collection for Valentine's Day.

During the course of the month, I've been testing out Dylan, and goodness gracious, I'm in love! This sweet pink shade isn't too young looking, in fact it's really sheer, shimmery, not overly sticky, and it's actually very moisturizing. Way to go KC! Now I am more psyched than ever to check out three new colors ($22 each) that have been named after (awww) "everything love inspires." Here's a description:

  • Fantasies a bold, sheer red rose
  • Dreams an airy, soft, pale pink
  • Bliss a shimmery mauvy rose
  • So, whatcha think? Are you sold on Kissable Couture, or do you think it's still a little too cutesy for your taste?