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Knives Out: Brazil's Cosmetic Surgery Queen

Knives Out: Brazil's Cosmetic Surgery Queen

Meet Angela Bismarchi. She's a 36-year-old Brazilian model who is preparing for her 42nd plastic surgery. At 21, she had her first surgery: a breast lift. From there, she's married two plastic surgeons and is coming up with something pretty intense for next month's Carnival festivities:

Just days before Brazil’s Feb. 2-6 carnival begins, Bismarchi will have nylon wires implanted in her eyes to give them an Asian slant, in line with this year’s theme of her samba group, Porto da Pedra: the centennial of Japanese immigration to Brazil.

Whoa. I almost don't know where to begin with this story. It's one thing to go for a little plastic surgery; it's another to have nearly three treatments every year for a decade and a half. And what's with treating Asian eye shapes as an accessory? I'm dying to know what you think about this story, so please let me know.


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