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Kristen Stewart's 2012 Comic-Con Makeup Tutorial

How to Get Kristen Stewart's Easy, Fresh Makeup Look

Kristen Stewart always masters the cool-girl look, but you don't need to be a movie star to pull off her casual-yet-polished style. Makeup artist Beau Nelson, who frequently works with Kristen, recently created a surprisingly wearable neon lip look — and here, he's showing us how easy it is to create. Watch to pick up his tips and learn how he and Kristen decided to go for bright color.

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Kristen Stewart went with bright poppy lips at Comic-Con this year, and the man behind her look, Beau Nelson, is here in studio to show us how to recreate the look at home. So with Kristen, she's usually pretty casual with her makeup look, but she always looks flawless. So when you're working with her, what is the inspiration behind giving her the look? Usually comes from the dress but you have to keep in mind your client. Definitely. Well, she always looks amazing and I love her Comic-Con look. So I'm excited for you to recreate it for me. Prepping the skin is the first thing that I like to do. The next step is foundation, and I'm going to use a brush to apply it. And I use small circular motions just like this to buff the product in. Now we're gonna go back in with concealer where we need it. So I'm just going to go a little bit around your nose. And again, this is about where you need it. So the next step is under eyes. And the secret to really good concealer under the eye is to only use it, again, where you need it. Most people don't need concealer from here to here. So the next step that I always take usually is to give a little bit of shape to the face. And I really work it into the brushes, I'm not gonna apply it too much. And then I just paint it where I want the light to recede. Next is we're gonna do a little bit of, like a very easy eye shadow, and for this look I just put it on the eyelid, all the way to the eyebrow. For Comic-Con, it was like super simple, she just wanted to kind of be herself. The next step is the super, super important for any face but especially for Kristen. The eyebrows. Start right at the bottom corner, just right there. And I almost draw like short strokes to draw a line going upwards towards the crease. So, I've already seen the change just by defining my eyebrows. So what's next though? Next product I'm going I'm going to use on you is a cream eyeliner. Okay. And what I do with it is what we call tight lining, where you get a little bit of product on the brush. You just go underneath the eyelashes and you go right into the root of eyelashes. So now I'm gonna follow that up with my favorite mascara, so I just kind of wiggle at the root. And actually I tend to like to leave the ends of the lashes with a lot less product than the base. So this is really the focal point of this look, I mean she looked stunning, she looks very natural, but then she had this really poppy lip color. Okay . She's in that neon skirt on and she's got some cool high tops and a white top that she had cut herself. So then I grabbed one of my product and you're gonna use this on your lips or, and your cheeks, but we only used it on the lips that day. The key to this is to apply it evenly, and then you can use your finger to move it around if you need to. So for you, because you're tan, I feel like I'm looking at your face and I'm like, she needs a little bit of blush. I didn't use any on Kristen, but for your face I'm going to. Whenever you're recreating a look it's very essential that you tailor it to yourself. So now that we're done setting with powder, we're finished. So there you have it, that's Kristen's Comic-Con look. Oh, awesome. A nice bright pop of color but otherwise pretty casual. Yeah. I love it. Simple . Thank you so much for being here, Beau. No problem. Thanks for having me. I love that you showed off how you did Kristen's Comic-Con look. And be sure to keep watching Celebrity Secret Weapon here on BellaSugar TV.

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