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Learning About Perfumers 2009-12-10 13:00:47

Know the Perfumer, Know the Perfume

I've always loved the work of specific perfumers, my long-term obsession perhaps being Christopher Brosius, but until recently, the names of perfumers were intentionally obfuscated. Even now, because perfumes are supposed to sell a lifestyle or an idea, all the attention usually goes to a celebrity face or the imagery of an ad campaign.

That may be changing, though. High-end and niche brands, most famously Frederic Malle (the dapper gentleman next to all those fragrance bottles), are now openly stating who their perfumers are, and websites like Luckyscent not only tell you who many scents' creators are but also allow you to search by the perfumer. It's unclear whether this is a sign of the times, though, or just a way for cult fans of small batch perfumes to identify the next scent they'll love. What do you think? Would you want to know more about the creator of your favorite fragrance? Is this the beginning of a sea change in the way we look at perfume as a creation, an artisanal reaction to overmarketing, or a little bit of both?

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