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Let's All Leave Celine's Legs Alone, Okay?

Let's All Leave Celine's Legs Alone, Okay?

I don't know if you heard the recent brouhaha over Celine Dion, but some news folks aren't too happy with her? Why, you ask? Because — horror of horrors — our Quebecoise homegirl has leg hair. And it showed up in photographs during her concert. I know, it's inexcusable.

Look, I'm probably never going to be Celine's biggest fan musically, but when a major metropolitan newspaper starts nitpicking her body hair, you can bet I'm on Team Celine. I'm guessing her fans couldn't care less whether she shaves her legs or not; they're just there to experience her overall nuttiness and music. Beyond that, it's 2008 — shouldn't we be beyond tsk-tsking a grown woman for having a little light peach fuzz on her gams?


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