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Lindsay Lohan Launches Self-Tanner Called Sevin Nyne

Beauty Byte: Lindsay Lohan's Self-Tanner Coming Soon

Most of you said you won't be buying Lindsay Lohan's self-tanner, but soon we'll see if other people agree. WWD reports on the tanner, called Sevin Nyne ($35). The new mist self-tanner, named after Lindsay's favorite numbers, will be available April 15 on, then May 1 at Sephora stores for six months exclusively.

While Sevin Nyne does not have SPF, it is formulated with the standard DHA to darken the skin, using caramel, in lieu of artificial colors, for deeper results. "We have taken a more environmental approach so we use caramels for color and chardonnay extracts and goji berry for the skin," said Kristi Kaylor, the marketing person for the product. It takes two to five hours to develop, and the results are said to last for four to five days. Are you intrigued now, or is this still a no-go for you?


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