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Lipstamp Hopes You'll Ditch the Tube

Lipstamp Hopes You'll Ditch the Tube

Let's say you're inept at applying lipstick. (Who knows, perhaps the whole twist-up-and-sweep-on motion is tricky.) Enter Lipstamp ($24.95), a tool that lets you stamp on lipstick. The kit comes with 10 shapes of stamps; the idea is that you choose the lip shape you desire, put some lipstick on it, and press it to your lips. Its official description says it's "great for cheerleaders, dance troupes, and bridal parties who all want the same lip shape."

Sounds like a superfluous step, but then again, I haven't tried it. One Time Out New York staffer gave it a whirl. The verdict: Lipstick wound up on her nose. I predict that, much like press-on eye shadow, the Lipstamp won't be flying off shelves.


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