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Louis Vuitton Tribute Handbag: Love It or Hate It?

Wowsers. The prices of designer handbags are really starting to get out of control. New from Louis Vuitton is this limited edition (and I mean limited - there are only four available in the US) "Tribute Bag."

It is a mish-mosh of styles and patterns of 15 LV bags of past generations sewn together to create a patchwork design. Last month during Paris Fashion Week it was deemed a "Frankenstein Monster." Ouch.

Brace yourself if you are even the slightest bit intrigued because this controversial purse has a shocking price-tag of $42,000!

I have to say it: this bag ain't even all that! It is confusing, and I know that this statement may be in poor taste, but it kind of makes me wonder if Marc Jacobs was relapsing when he designed this.

It looks like something Mary-Kate Olsen would wear when she's dressed in her granny clothes. Sorry, we're not loving it in the least, what do you all think?!

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