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Make Lips Look Fuller

Make Your Lips Look Fuller in 3 Easy Steps

Full, sexy lips are high on most people's lists of beauty wants, and luckily, creating the illusion of plumped-up smackers is superlatively easy. Find out how you can get your most impressive pout ever with nothing but four products you already have in your makeup drawer.

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thin lips, they all come in beauty gripes, but the fun thing about make up is, you can try a new and different beauty look, like fuller lips, without going to the extremes. Today I'm gonna show you a few simple makeup tricks on how to improve your lips' real estate. So the first step is to apply foundation if you wear one and then of course concealer if you have any imperfection you'd like hid in. Then you're gonna take your concealer and actually use it to blend in your lip line so that it looks like you don't have one. So, all you do is just lightly padding it. Obviously, not the sticky one, make sure that it gets spread out and make sure it's totally blended in. The next step is to create a new lip line with liner. I'm using a nude lip liner that matches my skin tone, so make sure to find one that matches yours and nude worked just a little bit better than colored because it's not as harsh and it blends more easily. So, all you have to do, you just subtly, right above your natural lip line, start applying. You don't wanna go too far away from your natural lip line or else you get your lips look fake or look clown. So, do the same thing bottom and all you're doing, right here, is creating a canvass to fill in. Now that we've created the outline, we're gonna fill it in with lipgloss. Gloss is actually add to this illusion because they're shiny and they don't have a lot of definition which is going to give you a look like you have bigger plumper lips. So, all I'm gonna do is take a gloss and just start filling in my lips, on top and bottom. But, it's gonna feel a little bit weird. You wanna make sure you get the line that you created with your lip liner. This is gonna add to the illusion that you have fuller lip so now that you have your lip gloss on, go ahead and take your favorite lipstick, I'm using red and start applying it on top to give it a richer color. Now as you apply the lipstick, you'll notice you're gonna go above your natural lip line because you had the new line created. So start to subtly fill in area. And there you go. And now you have full bigger lips in a matter of minute. This is a super simple way to enhance your smile without looking overdone and it looks natural on photos too. I'm Kirby and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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