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Marijuana-Inspired Perfumes

Marijuana Scents Are Becoming Highly Popular

Another day, another marijuana-themed perfume. The latest in technically legal fragrances is Rich Hippie Marijuana ($35), which purports to be "sweet, seductive and addictive floral with crushed Madagascan ylang ylang petals, Italian petitgrain and rose geranium petals." Sounds more floral than vegetal, but it's in good company. Fresh also has a pot-leaf scent, Cannabis Santal ($75), which bills itself as "a forbidden blend of patchouli, cannabis and rose." (Read our review of sister scent Cannabis Rose.)

Even on the high end, there's luxury cult brand Nasomatto with Black Afgano ($185), named for a particularly strong strain of the stuff. And of course, Demeter Fragrance Library has a Cannabis Flower scent ($20), which is "slightly floral, slightly spicy, but unmistakably cannabis." Many of these scents sound nice, but also as though they might get you in trouble at home, work — heck, anywhere except around a bunch of stoners. But if you love them enough, the buzz from wearing these just might be worth it.

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