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More People Are Speaking Up About Botox

A good friend and I have a monthly brunch date, and I always look forward to seeing her. The last time we met up, she mentioned that she'd be coming straight from the salon. She looked fantastic — well-rested, relaxed, happy. "That is one amazing haircut," I said. It totally transformed her look. Amazing what a snip can do, I thought, and every so often I'd remark on the transformative powers of the haircut.

After the third compliment, she stopped me. "Well, it's not all the haircut," she admitted. "I got Botox last week, too." Turns out she used the haircut as a (highly effective) foil for those of us marveling at the transformation. And she's not the only one to talk about her adventures in botulism toxin: a recent study showed that only 13 percent of people kept their Botox use private. A few years ago, most people were reticent when it came to discussing their cosmetic procedures, but that isn't the case anymore. (Can you guess which celebrities have admitted to using Botox?) As for me, I have yet to want to rock the 'tox, but I wouldn't hide it if I did. If you've tried Botox, are you open about it? And if you haven't tried it, do you think you'd keep it a secret or not?


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