So long Caboodles and hello Goyard! A highly anticipated ultimate holiday gift for the rich and famous will arrive exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in limited-edition quantities by special order. As you may remember, I am a huge fan of Goyard. My laptop bag is one of my prized possessions, but after seeing this extravagant train case designed by Gucci Westman from Lancome and Goyard, I find myself coveting this!

It's a beauty editor's dream come true to own this hand-crafted white canvas printed case, which is enhanced with cognac colored leather (you know, the kind that looks even better as it gets worn in over time).

Unfortunately, I'd have to win the lottery to actually have that dream come true, since the makeup case sells for a whopping $18,000. I guess it's not totally outer limits, considering it's pimped out with multiple removable compartments, a mirror and a white makeup bag and 36 of Gucci Westman’s makeup essentials — I'm kidding, of course. But still, it sure would look pretty sitting on my vanity!