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My Natural Hair Journey: How to Do a Bantu Knot-Out

Here are highlights from OnSugar blog Brown Suga Fashion & Beauty Blogazine.

So, last weekend I decided to style my hair after feeling like I was in a hair rut. After being fairly pleased with my twist-out, I opted to give a Bantu knot-out a try. Oh my gosh, I think I found my signature hairstyle. This style is perfect for someone that is transitioning or otherwise and is super easy to do.

Some people may attempt to do their Bantu knot-outs after washing their hair, but I actually did mine with my hair completely dry and the results were amazing to me. I seriously didn't think it would come out well and I just knew that my effort was going to be a waste. Boy, was I wrong! The results were more than I could have asked for. The only "dilemma" I had was trying to figure out how to fluff my hair up so that the parts that were made in my hair weren't visible, but I think I tackled that issue fairly well.

I took pictures of the process so that I could share with you all, and I will attempt to walk you through all the steps I took to achieve my desired style.

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