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Natural Hair and Skincare Tutorial

The Natural, Week 2: The Bruiser

Hi! It's a new year and the end of my second week using only natural, edible skin- and haircare recipes (that means no makeup, too). To wit, there are a few things my hair is now: great smelling, soft, shiny, and manageable. And a few things it isn't: fluffy, voluminous, thick, or any word even tenuously related to one of those terms. My skin's looking better, too, although you might notice that I have a small shiner. I've made a bunch of changes to my regimen that have helped immensely, though, so to find out how I got here from last week's smelly Bella (you can check that disastrous post out here), just read more.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who wrote in with comments last week; a lot of people gave great advice. Second, I want to update you on my regimen. My face is healing from the initial breakout thanks to nightly dabs of tea tree oil and washing with cool water instead of lemon and vinegar. I was feeling pretty cocky about the whole thing for a couple days, but because serendipity is a jerk, in the meantime I spontaneously (yes, really) developed a livid bruise under my eye that continues to make me feel sufficiently forlorn for concealer. On the upside, not wearing makeup is very quickly teaching me that people don't look at you nearly as much as you'd think, so you can probably get away with more than you know. Either that or they're just much more polite than is commonly acknowledged, in which case I'd put off robbing that bank.

As for my hair, I've heard great things about vinegar, but it just wasn't working for me — I was diluting it a ton, rinsing like a maniac, and I still reeked. So, as a couple of people suggested, I switched over to rinsing with lemon juice after my baking soda wash. To condition, I dropped the family milk conditioner recipe and now use argan oil with a couple drops of geranium essential oil (YumSugar says she likes the scent, so you know it's good). I do look a little greasy, and I miss having some volume to my fine hair. (If you've got a fluffing tip, I'm all ears.) But other than that, I think I'm settling in. Week three is supposed to be the time you see real results, so expect updates in the very near future.

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