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Nicole Miller Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week Hair and Makeup

A Plum Deal At Nicole Miller

Backstage at Nicole Miller, key makeup artist James Kaliardos used MAC products to create a look that complemented the designer's vision for Spring. I caught up with him backstage to find out how he dreamed it up. Here's what he had to say.

What was your inspiration for this look?
It's the Voodoo Collection, so it's kind of like a strong voodoo eye. The eyes are very prominent, the lips are present. It's healthy and sexy.

What products are you using?
It's a plum smoky eye on top and bottom. Inside the inner eye rim, there's this bright, dark blue. We're using this new golden orange reflective blush on the cheeks, so it's a healthy, suntan-y look. And we're using a new product that's not a lip gloss or stick, in a neutral color.

Do you think we'll see that look a lot for Spring 2009?
It's a modernized version of things we saw for Fall, but this is plum instead of black. It's still a strong eye. It's a classic look. The orange blush makes it a little fresher. Anyone can wear this blush, it's a coral color.

How does the makeup complement the clothes?
There's a lot of color in the show and a lot of patterns, and so we wanted to have a little bit of color but overall a sort of subtle look that's sexy and I think we managed to do that by adding the plum to the eye. Plum turns deep and dark so it doesn't look like a color, but it is. And it isn't brown or black and it looks good on everyone.








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