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Is Nipple Hair Normal?

Do You Have Hair . . . There? You're Not Alone

I remember the first time I found a few hairs on my nipples. That's right, I admit it. I had already been dealing with a few errant hairs that had been popping up on on my chin, upper lip, and sometimes even "sideburns," so when I found a few hairs on my boobs, I wasn't all that surprised — although I can't say that I was all too pleased, either. Do you have hairs on your nipples? You're not alone. To check out the stats, just keep reading.

  • The Numbers: It's thought that around 30 percent of women have hair in this area — although based on past conversations with my most honest of friends, I'd venture to say that there might just be more.
  • The Causes: Hormonal changes, an overproduction of androgens (male hormones), genetics, and usage of certain drugs can all cause this type of hair to grow.
  • How Much Is Normal?: It's not that uncommon to have anywhere from two to 15 hairs at one time.
  • Who's More Likely to Have?: Those with darker hair and/or complexions might also see more noticeable growth. Consider it normal for nipple hair to range in texture from downy-like to thick and coarse.
  • The Good News: Nipple hair grows rather slowly. Thus, if you do remove it (more on nipple hair removal later), it will take about three weeks to resurface. Not too bad, eh?
  • No Worries: As you can see, nipple hair is normal. We do have hair follicles on our nipple area, after all. But, as with any major changes in the body, if you're concerned, or feel that your growth is truly abnormal, head to the doctor to ease your mind.
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